Looking back at 2021

By the time 2021 started, virtual programs were no longer a surprise, it had become the new norm! We looked for ways to meet, engage, and continue to serve the community in meaningful ways and we persevered! 

Did you know? Cambridge Dictionary's Word of the Year 2021 is perseverance!

If you haven't already, here's Google's Year in Search 2021 in the US and Global.

Here's a summary of events/activities we coordinated for the KCS Youth Club:
January: Donation to Loudoun Hunger Relief
February: Virtual Meet & Greet
March: Women's Charity Drive
March: Public Speaking Workshop
April to June: Virtual mini-clubs (weekly/biweekly/monthly):
- Cooking mini-club (biweekly)
- Do-Re-Mi Singing mini-club (biweekly)
- Drawing mini-club (weekly)
- Fitness mini-club (once a month)
- Let's Speak! mini-club (biweekly)
- Melody Instrumental Music mini-club (weekly)
- Photography mini-club (biweekly)
- Yoga mini-club (biweekly)
July: 1-week Virtual Summer Camp:
- Fitness
- Bollywood Dancing
- Chess (Beginners)
- Chess (Intermediate/Advanced)
- Arts & Crafts (Juniors)
- Arts & Crafts (Seniors)
August: Virtual Game Night
August: Onam, The Way I See It (10 Radio Segments)
November: Food Drive & Thanksgiving Party (in-person)

Watch the year-end video:

‘’You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.’’―Steve Jobs