KCS Kids Club Leads 2021

Introducing a team of 5 girls, who came forward with clear vision and expressed their interest in leading the KCS Kids Club for 2021.

Wishing Aditi, Aditri, Ananya, Anjali, and Malavya a rewarding experience as KCS Kids Club Leads! 

KCS Youth Club Leads: Joyce Biju, Leah Kurian, and Shivani Kumar will mentor the new leads in their new role.

The new leads have already held a Games and Crafts Night and has a Movie Night planned. More events and activities are being planned. If you haven't already, join the KCS Kids WhatsApp group to get the updates!

Want to find out how to get involved or participate in the events? Email the leads at kcskids@kcsmw.org.

"We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun."