25 Things

Things to do while on your Staycation! (Teachers Recommend)

  1. Color
  2. Play I SPY
  3. Learn to dance
  4. Watch a YouTube tutorial
  5. Go for a walk/shoot hops/kick a soccer ball around/or some other physical activity
  6. Watch a Disney movie
  7. Clean your room
  8. Read a book
  9. FaceTime with family or a friend
  10. Find a DIY project and do it
  11. Draw
  12. Clean your bathroom
  13. Take the Trash out
  14. Organize your closet/drawers
  15. Play a board game
  16. Listen to music
  17. Write a poem
  18. Make a list of places you want to visit
  19. Write a story
  20. Send an email to a friend
  21. Watch the clouds
  22. Watch the birds and squirrels
  23. Take a picture and share it with others
  24. Do a chore/good deed/something nice for someone in your house
  25. Visit a virtual field trip