Meet and Greet on Feb 16

Thank you for attending the KCS Youth Meet & Greet.


We hope you had fun and learned from and enjoyed the activities.

It's clear and easy to remember...

SAY NO to Drugs and Alcohol!!!
Choose to leave a party or gathering that provides drugs!

We are so grateful to Captain Shibu Philipose, Sergeant Sabrina Pirtle, and Corporal Derrick Williams from the Montgomery County Park Police for giving us a very informative session on drug and alcohol use.

The interactive activities gave us good insight into the effects of substance use. The sessions were also a lot of fun making it easier for us to partake and understand the effects.

Corporal Williams showing the after effects of using a drug.

Sgt. Pirtle showing us the after effects of drinking alcohol.

Using special goggles and other technology, both Sgt. Pirtle and Cpl. Williams were able to help us understand the changes we could have in our body and mind as well as other trouble we could get into with law enforcement.

Captain Philipose's speech was informative and moreover very inspiring! He was able to connect with us and our parents!

Here's some of what we learned that we hope to remember and carry through our lives...

Identity - Be proud of who you are, Be proud of your family, roots, heritage, Choose friends who have a positive impact in your life!

Peer pressure - Choose positive conformity!

Goal - Have a goal in life and always remember how your actions can affect your goal, your name, your record!

Leader - Choose to be a leader who leads by example!

Faith - Your faith can build good morals and ethical values, and help build good character!

Code word - Have a code word to communicate with your parents so they can come pick you up when you are under peer pressure to engage in harmful/illegal activities!

Dine together with family - Have a meal together with your family to talk about what happened that day in school. This goes for parents and kids alike to make the effort and put into practice!

"Our smarts are acquired, not hardwired."
 - Dr. Michael Muthukrishna & Dr.Joseph Henrich

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