Veteran's Day

Thank You!

We Respect and give Thanks to our real life Heroes - our Veterans!

Remember to say Thank You to those who served and those who continue to serve. That's the least we can do to thank those who made our freedom possible, those who continue to keep us safe and lend a hand when dire calamities hit unexpectedly. They are our real life heroes!

Sometimes, saying a Thank You is not enough. Encourage your parents to donate to a cause that supports Veterans! Here's an article that appeared in International Journal of Mental Health Systems in 2017; the article sheds light into why Veterans need more than a thank you.

Short of Time? Donate!

Find a facility to view some of the facilities' needs list before donating.
Donate now through the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs:

Nearly 1 in 5 Baltimore residents may be suffering from a mental health issue according to the Baltimore Crisis Response Inc (BCRI) center. BCRI is a volunteer agency and the only crisis response program in Baltimore City that offers a 24/7 hotline, mobile crisis services, residential crisis stabilization, medical residential detox targeted case management and critical incident de-briefing services. They are also mentioned in the article linked above.
Donate to BCRI:

If you know a Veteran and if they need a resource guide, share this Veterans Resource Guide from SAMHSA with them.

Let's know how you thanked our real life heroes! Share pics in the WhatsApp group or send us an email! | |