Senior Citizens Day

August 21st is National Senior Citizens Day!

KCS Youth wants to spend a day with our Senior Citizens

Join Us!

Priceless Advice from Senior Citizens (copied from aplaceformom)

Act like you will need your body for 100 years.
“It’s not dying you should worry about — it’s chronic disease.”
84-year-old Charlotte said: “What you do when you’re young, it will haunt you when you get old. If you’re young, take care of your body, live right, go to the doctor and keep yourself in good shape. Don’t abuse your body in any way, shape, or form.”

Celebrate your successes.
“Give yourself a break and learn to give yourself a pat on the back when you’ve done something well.”

Don’t sweat the small stuff.
“Things are not as important as you make them out to be, so don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember that things don’t make you happy, people do.”

Exercise your patience.
“Be patient. Better things are coming.”

Experience new things.
“Experience life and travel. Have more self confidence to go out and and experience new things!”

Have more confidence.
“Be more confident in yourself. Know that you are worthy of love and respect. You are young for such a brief time in life, have the confidence to enjoy it and have fun, but be smart.”

Know that happiness is a choice, not a condition.
“The consensus of the elders is that we can’t wait for external events to bring about happiness.” 
86-year-old Cheryl said: “I came into this world with nothing, my experiences are only mine, and I will leave this world with nothing. The only one I can change is myself. You must learn to create your own happiness; you cannot depend on others to do it for you.”

Know your worth.
“Really know your worth and know that you deserve so much better.”

Listen to yourself.
“Listen to yourself. That is all. If I would have listened to myself and my intuition I would have avoided much unnecessary heartache. But, there were valuable lessons learned and for that I am thankful.”

Make the most of each day.
“Make every day count.”

Never say “I wish…”
“Believe in yourself and never say ‘I wish I would have.’ Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow a dream and today is a present.”

Never stop growing.
“Always take care of yourself and never stop growing or learning.”

Save for a rainy day.
“Always save a portion of your paycheck, because a rainy day is sure to come.”

Spend more time with family.
“Love and spend as much time with your family as possible. Share how appreciative you are to have them. So glad I did this with both my parents who are gone now – I was very blessed.”

Start a bucket list.
“Enjoy your life, so there will be no regrets. Remember to start a bucket list early, very early!”

Take the high road.
“Taking the high road may be tough, but you’re going the right way! Try to hang in there.”

Try to listen to your elders.
“Try to listen to your elders and parents when you are young – remember that they only want the best for you.”

“The elders tell us that there is one great contribution to lifelong closeness for which there is no substitute: Your time.”


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