Finding The Muse

Week 2: Squad Names and Logo

Squad 1: Super Dragons
It’s a picture of a dragon and says Super Dragons.

Squad 4: VANSS

Shoe and our names--initials forming VANSS.

Fun fact: Initially, VANSS had chosen "Fantastic Five" as their Squad name and designed their logo as "basically Fantastic Five written on a black area with a cool font for the words." Since another Squad had submitted the same name and a logo earlier, they got to keep that name.

Squad 5: KoolCidsSquad
Sunglasses with a colourful tint and a smile / Colorful sunglasses

Squad 7: Fruit Juice
Invisible head, glasses and clenched teeth

Squad 8: The Fantastic 5
Two circles with different colors, with the text “the fantastic five” over it.

Squad 9: The Greatest

Squad 10: Team Trojan
It is a purple circle with a big T and underneath it, it says Team Trojan



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