Squads Meetup at Events

Week 1: Challenge #3: Attend an event as a Squad

"Great momentum" is what's happening in the KCS Youth 2019 WhatsApp group
29 Self-introductions and a flurry of activities led by the Squads
DSDP and Dynamite Warriors completed ALL 3 challenges

92% submitted their Squad Names
23% submitted their Squad Selfie
15% submitted details about Squad Meetups at events
Our Squads are:
  • taking initiatives, going places, seeing the world
  • looking up [from the screens] and having real conversations
  • finding solutions--together

Ryan SyedNaveed, VP of Communications, created a What's-Why-How to Squad Up video. He also kick started self introductions and that continue to fly high.

Poornima Tomy, VP of Service Projects, created a video that exudes professional making and editing about how her Squad overcame distance, time constraints, and the rainy cold weather to make a connection, meet up in person, and have a conversation.



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